Friday, December 19, 2008

Caleb & Sol Music

Caleb and I are twin brothers and musicians from Eugene, Oregon. We are just finishing up our first album together, titled "Afloat." We've been working on it for about 8 months. Check out our myspace, facebook, or website for sound clips and purchase options.

We are setting up this blog to reach more people; bloggers like you, specifically. More than entertainment, we view our music as a ministry. We want to proclaim the glory, majesty, power, and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ through our music, lyrics, and conduct.

We'll mostly be posting articles about Christian theology and conduct, as well as journal entries about our concerts, recordings, and writing songs. We'd love to hear your feedback (good and bad--we can take it).

Check us out at:


  1. I came through Eugene Or, last summer. Flew into Portland and traveled to Central Point (near medford), stayed in Oregon 10 days. We have never gotten over its beauty! we are planning on moving there in the next year or so. Amazing place! You might want to check out my hubs, he is also a musician, and loves the Lord..

  2. I LOVE your music! It is very inspirational and I enjoy every minute of it!!!

    Will you sing with me???

    (Or at least help me figure out how to make a CD of my own?)

  3. sol hi Im very proud of you. God bless you so much say hi to caleb
    and remember you are in my prayers love in Christ Bani Barajas Mexico 2009

  4. I loved your CD! Thank you so much. We appreciate you both so much and your willingness to share your love of Christ and your music with us at Yachats Baptist Church. You and your friends are welcome any time. Last Sunday, March 22nd, was ELECTRIC and full of the HOLY SPIRIT. May God bless you both and may you continue to follow His leadership and give Him the Glory. I ask God for His protection over you in safety, His wisdom in your thoughts for understanding His Word and His love in your hearts for happiness.
    Much love in Christ,
    Sparky Williams

  5. I love your CD. Afloat is my favorite...and then Barabbas...but I love all the songs. Afloat is my theme song these days actually :O)

  6. Recently got your album. I love every single song and have listened to nothing else for weeks. Believe it or not you are getting quite a lot of fans here in Greenock (near Glasgow), Scotland, UK! :-) I've been spreading the word and telling all my friends about you!

    My favourite song at the moment is "My soul waits" - it's really ministered to me over recent difficult days.

    Bless you!

  7. I really like your music, it is very insirational I enjoy listening to what you have to say in your songs!

  8. Your music is a truly a BLESSING from God and I thank you guys for sharing it with us. It truly inspires people who dont know which route to take.
    God Bless!

  9. Thanks so much for making music...I found your guy's music through a blog I read....and ever since I can't stop listening to it!!! It's sooo has challenged me to live closer to Christ & share the love of Christ. I pray that God continues to work in your lives! Thank you again!